Meet the Legacy Client Service Team

What’s the driving force behind how Legacy runs? Our client service team!

The Value of an Advisor

Our behind-the-scenes work creates substantial additional value for you since it allows you to have confidence that your finances are optimized for growth, flexibility, and efficiency over the long run. We're always working to support your evolving financial needs.

The Hierarchy of Savings

When it comes to saving and investing for the future, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to put your money first. Should you focus on retirement accounts, college savings, building an emergency fund, or other goals?

Stick to the Plan

Here at Legacy, we want to help you stay on track to achieve your long-term financial future and turn down the noise of short-term market volatility.

The Real Work of an Advisor

As financial advisors, we’ve been asked this question many times by family and friends.

Next Gen Planning

As the world has become more connected, it has also become more complex when it comes to financial planning. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by all the options that exist and the sometimes contradictory advice you find online.