Mitch Lampert

Get To Know Our Team

Mitch graduated magna cum laude from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Prior to joining Legacy Financial Advisors, Mitch held equities trading and investment guidance positions with Vanguard, spearheading several initiatives to save clients time while trading on the platform. He has experience on the technical side and the client-facing side, allowing him to effectively advise clients with a comprehensive understanding of everything taking place on the back-end of their financial plan. Mitch is an effective listener and knows how to adapt his explanations to match the level of complexity that any particular client needs.

Mitch loves the moment everything clicks for a client, especially one who has less financial clarity. It’s rewarding for Mitch to get to know clients and see them become less and less stressed about their money. He knows how finances can be a dark cloud over people’s heads and strives to help clients take their lives back and implement practices without needing guidance every step.

Mitch regards his parents as the most hard-working people he knows and is grateful for how well they raised him. With two younger brothers, all three of them are more alike than not. He believes that your family shapes you and takes pride in having more in common with his family than anyone else. They find joy in many of the same things and always have a great time together. Family and legacy (no pun intended) are incredibly important to him.

Outside of work, Mitch enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing golf, Cincinnati sports, and walking his dog, Louie.