Laura Branum

Chief Compliance and Operating Officer

Long-Term Commitments

Laura Branum

Get To Know Laura

Laura wears many hats when it comes to running our firm. She is devoted to serving the partners and staff as an officer of the company with a warm heart, but firm hand shake.

Personal Finance Experience & Education

My career in finance began as a student at the University of Kentucky where I majored in finance and management. I worked part time in banking while being a student at UK and gained a full time position in the finance department after graduating. Eventually I moved into a career in the financial advisory world working at Fidelity Investments, Lincoln Financial and now Legacy Financial. Having been working in the financial industry for over 20 years, I have gained a tremendous amount of experience from customer service to having the opportunity to be a part of building a business. “At Legacy Financial we believe that where your treasure is, there your heart is also. We begin by talking about those things close to your heart so that we can help you create your financial plan. The Legacy L’s are combined with precision and calculation to create one-of-a kind solutions. Local, Leading Edge, Long term commitments, Lifelong Relationships, Lean on us, Lay the Foundation, Live your Passions, Launch your Legacy.”

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    Legacy is empowering. Trust is what forms spirited partnerships and compels us to enable people to enjoy what they love and cherish and do what they love.


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