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Madi Maisel

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Madi has always put in the work and even gone above and beyond for her own sense of self accomplishment. She took her schooling very seriously and was able to graduate high school a semester early, earning her a full-ride scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh, ultimately transferring back home to the University of Cincinnati to finish her degree.

What makes Madi’s work at Legacy Financial so special is the focus and care she brings to each situation. She loves attending to the details of things. She works as a Client Service Associate as well as assisting in operations management and bookkeeping. In her work at Legacy she most enjoys the chance to apply intellect and a hard work ethic so that her time spent on each project or obstacle makes a difference for someone else, whether that be a client or someone on the Legacy team. Madi finds great pleasure in what others might find mundane, simply because of the “math” or precision of activity it requires. She has always been driven and self-motivated to be the best she possibly could.

Prior to joining Legacy Financial, Madi was a commercial lines underwriter for Cincinnati Financial. Having the privilege to work as an underwriter for such a great company taught her a lot about professionalism and business, such as how to maintain positive work relationships, how to analyze various sets of numbers and information to make decisions, and how to have tough conversations. During this time she learned how to complete a task thoroughly and overall she gained a lot of knowledge and skill over her two years at Cincinnati Financial. Nearing the end of that two years, she was approached by an outside insurance agency to consider the potential of moving over to their agency down the line to be an independent insurance agent. The more she considered the opportunity, she realized that ultimately, she wanted to end up at Legacy Financial. Madi is responsible for day-to-day operational needs of the firm and for acting in the best interest of clients, the firm and employees.

In her free time, Madi likes to knit, play guitar, and spend time with family and friends. Madi’s family are her favorite people. She is the oldest of four, and feels blessed with her two wonderful parents. They all still live in the Cincinnati area and spend as much time together as their schedules allow. Madi lives with her sweet, hilarious french bulldog, Coconut.

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